Giving meaning and context to sound

Advanced sound processing for more than just speech

Listen, Deeply

Sound Event Detection

Sound Event Detection

Catch the sound that we wanted to hear in anywhere, any time.
Sense the sound at noisy factories and crowded parties.

Baby Sound

Animal Sound

Industrial Sound

Understand Deeply

Sound-based Context Recognition

Sound-based Context Recognition

Find the meaning of sound instead of well-trained experts.
One click solution, instead of hard-to-meet experts.

Personal Nanny

Healthcare Monitoring

Machine Error Detection

Baby Sound Analysis, Lumi

Sound-based Baby Monitoring Solution

We Worked with


Suji Lee

Co-founder, CEO,
and coffee addict

Han Park

Co-founder, CTO,
and basketball lover

Myeonghoon Ryu

Chief Intelligence Officer
and certified nerd

Soojin Kim

Senior Developer
and dreamer..zZ

Jinhee Kim

Data Researcher
and Pokémon trainer

HoonCheol Shin

Data Researcher
and surfer

Kisun Kim

Project Manager
and traveler

Available from February, 2019


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